Wij verzorgen ook training in de Arabische taal aan bedrijven. Voor bedrijven vinden de lessen 1 tot 2 keer per week plaats – overdag of s’avonds meteen na werktijd. De training kan bij u op locatie gegeven worden of op een andere trainingslocatie.

Voor meer informatie of een offerte kunt u een mail sturen naar: info@leerarabisch.nl.

AOC employees finish Arabic course
LEIDEN, the Netherlands, July 06, 2006

Perseverance pays. Were the AOC employees starting the Arabic course in January barely able to remember the difference between the ‘ra’ and the ‘da’, today the students read and translate the headlines of the Weekly Caravan. With a certain ease they look at a weather map of the Middle East and read the names of the different countries.

Teacher Nayla Chebli has done much more than teach, though. She instilled in her students a passion for everything Arabian. The twelve remaining students learned far more than they ever bargained for.

During the last lesson departing head of the Support Services Department Abdulwahab Al-Abbas, proponent of the course, praised the students for their enthusiasm and thanked Nayla for her dedication, after which the students completed a small written and oral test. Each student received a certificate of attendance and a CD with classical and modern music from the Middle East. “Ila el hafla,” the students greeted each other as they will celebrate the end of the course with an Arabic hafla, a party, enjoying some mezze, lots of music and dancing.